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Diluminia is an international trading company with more than 20 years history, with main activity- designing, manufacturing, distribution and a trade in lighting fixtures and systems. We offer innovative solutions and use the latest professional lighting technologies for home, shopping centers, chain stores, health facilities, administrations, banks and more.

Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced professionals, in the field of - production, design and distribution, which are in the needs of their clients to perform qualitatively and on time, orders and projects of great volume and complexity.



Our team is always at your disposal for further information and questions In order to meet these growing expectations and customers’ needs.


We have two studios for installation and pre-feasibility study that determine the technical viability of the projects. Our professionals together with our excellent skills, we offer complete architectural design and implementation of interior and exterior solutions of residential and public buildings, shops, offices, sports complexes, etc..

3D visualizations

We offer a technique that allows us to visualize the environment and to choose the most functional solution for the overall interior and exterior design. Our 3D department provides a detailed image and realistic ideas about the design, installation and detailed design of the projects.


Our production network allows us to provide a wide variety of products for competitive prices. The company's conditions and the disposable products offered, together with the ergonomic connection with our sales department, favor the optimal implementation of the projects submitted qualitatively and on time.

Economic strategy

There is a limitation of the intermediaries in the working process with our organization that aim is to achieve a cost-saving and cost-effective economic model.


Our team is dealing with the overall design perfectly, with a construction and maintenance of all lighting types and lighting systems.