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We strive to provide an excellent service to our customers, to be in contact with them at each project stage to its complete realization. In an effort to establish lasting contacts and to build trust with our customers, we are constantly striving to expand our product range and stocks, to monitor and offer complex solutions to maximize our partners.

We actively interact with our designers during the execution of each project and each subsequent phase, allowing us to add new innovative elements for the overall completed results.


According to Cook Jednota's high requirements for maximum comfort and enjoyable shopping for their buyers, we have made responsible and optimal distribution of lighting fixtures and installations in the supermarket.


We provide a full range of lighting equipment and services needed on industrial sites. We offer solutions for energy efficiency, renovation of existing electrical installations and use modern technologies, saving up to 50% depending on the use of the lighting fixtures.


In the case of the Teta chain stores, our LED technology has allowed us to reduce maintenance costs and offer an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere for the comfort of their customers.


The design of Gino Park Palace is completed after the overall graphic visualizations and combined with the planned energy-saving systems corresponding to the aesthetically pleasing building.

Thematic park

In Gino Paradise Park (Bešeňova, Slovakia) - we have created a system for outdoor and indoor lighting, aimed at the free, elegant and quality design and model, meeting the criteria of the company.

Business Center

The LED module for Apollo Business Center II (Bratislava, Slovakia) allows lighting to be controlled in different areas, saving energy and reducing maintenance costs.